Newfound Appreciation

Friday, March 31, 2017

So I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this but I'm taking Introduction to Film this semester. I've learnt quite a lot about film. It kinda makes me microanalyse every film or show I watch now. I guess it just makes me appreciate the art behind film more ya know.

Few weeks ago, we watched Wong Kar-Wai's In The Mood For Love. Not gonna lie, I didn't really understand it at first. But I chose to write about it for my recent assignment. It was either that or Mad Max, Rashomon or Lost Highway. I thought Mad Max was alright. Didn't think it was worth writing about. I was left confused after watching Rashomon but Lost Highway.... I felt like Lost Highway was the epitome of "wtf just happened?" It was confusing but I still thought it was a really good movie!

Stills from In The Mood For Love. Images sourced from Google.

Anyway, because I chose to write about In The Mood For Love, I had to rewatch a segment I chose to analyse from the film over and over again. The more I watched it and applied all the things I learnt, the more I understood and loved the movie! It is such a beautiful movie! I highly, highly recommend! I learnt how the position of the camera makes the audience feel like the protagonists were trapped in the betrayal of their spouses. I learnt how using the right type of lighting can create a sense of tension. Like I said, it just makes you appreciate film more. Seriously guys, go watch In The Mood For Love! It's on YouTube too! Fun fact: we're gonna be watching and analysing Clueless next week. I am SO excited for it because I love Clueless!!

Since this whole post is centred on film, I thought I should mention my current favourite creators/filmmakers I recently stumbled upon. Of course, one of my favourites will always be Casey Neistat. You all know that. But I just came across Sam Kolder's channel and I just fell in love! I found his Hawaii 2.0 video (video above) and I was just in awe at the editing, the camerawork, everything! Then through him, I found MattKomo and TaylorCutFilms! SO FREAKING GOOD GUYS. I am obsessed with their work!

I know I said I'll be doing A Week in My Life vlog but I swear guys, it's coming. The Wi-Fi at my house is HORRIBLE. I've been trying to upload it using my data but it's still not working. But it IS coming!! I sound really dead in the clips though lol. I'm sure it's because I'm not used to talking to a camera.

'Til then!

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