Two Down!!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Hi!! My second semester here just ended. I handed in my last assignment just yesterday, which I managed to finish 10 minutes before the deadline hahaha. It was a 1200-word essay that I started on Saturday and it was due 5pm yesterday. I have never started on an assignment that last minute guys. I'm pretty sure what I wrote was garbage but I'm glad that's over. I've got one final, which is in 2 weeks. Not gonna lie, I do not have the motivation to study for this. The fact that I only have one final makes it feel like I don't have any at all. All I want is to do movie marathons on Netflix.

It's the third day of Ramadan today and my first one away from home. It felt bittersweet waking up on the first day and realising I'm not eating with my family. It also made me realise that I'm going to be eating the same thing for sahur every morning – oatmeal and berries. Back home, my mom would always come up with something different everyday. Me being the lazy person that I am, I just couldn't be bothered putting in that much effort. I don't know how mothers do it man! It makes me appreciate my mom even more!! Ahh can't wait til my family gets here!! Missed them so much. Less than 4 weeks til I see them!

Remember in one of my last posts I mentioned that I was obsessed with Sam Kolder? Yup, still not over him. I also came across Ollie Ritchie (@ritchiollie) on YouTube. His New York and London videos are my favourite! I fell in love with his work within 10 seconds of watching those two videos. His work feels so intimate. I like how he doesn't use any fancy editing. It's simple. It's clean. It works.

I recently started using Final Cut Pro and I must say, it's a bit more complicated than iMovie. You can do SO much more with FCP! I am obsessed with it. I do have a problem with plugins though. I've been downloading them but they don't show up on FCP even after installing it. I have no idea if I'm not installing it right or if it's just not working on the software. Help please?

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