Champion turns 21!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Guys!!! Guess whose birthday it is today?! My man, Marc Marquez Alenta! Our baby champ is 21! So grown up already! In case you have no idea who Marc is, he is a Spanish MotoGP rider. He made his debut last year AND won the world champion title. Yes, in his debut year!! That's amazing! This guy made history last year, breaking records and all that jazz. Youngest ever MotoGP World Champion! Oh did I mention he's very good looking? And mine! :-)

Happy 21st birthday, Marc! Cheers to the new season! May the best rider win the title this year 😊

So guess what I've been doing last weekend? Browsing through online shops, duh! I discovered and I am so glad I did. This site carries Sigma brushes, Zoeva, Sleek Makeup and so many more for such a good deal. They also offer free shipping if you spend over rm40, which made me sign up for the site immediately. I already know what I want to purchase first; Zoeva face brush set (not exact name). I have heard SO MANY great reviews about Zoeva brushes. The set I want is about RM200 for 6 brushes, which I think is such a good deal! 

Want. The. Zoeva. Brushes. Bad.

In case you're not familiar with Zoeva, it's a German brand. They make super amazing quality brushes & are so affordable! They have vegan brushes too, which I love! They also have this beautiful rose gold set which looks so luxurious! 

I have also been seriously lusting over Real Techniques brushes. They're so cute and quite affordable too! It just sucks how local beauty supply stores/local online shops sell them for almost three times than what it actually costs! I get so irritated when I see the prices. It's only USD18 for the sets, which is only around RM60! But stores here sell them for from RM90-145! Americans do not know how lucky they are when it comes to makeup! Everything there is so affordable! They also have a huge variety of colours/shades. I'm envious at the fact that they have a shop like Ulta there. I've googled pictures of Ulta to see how it looks like and oh my god, it's like paradise on earth for someone like me! 

Real Techniques brushes are just too cute for words! Sigh 

Oh and I'm so bummed out because I'm running out of my Dream Cream from Lush. Can't repurchase them because there's no Lush stores in Malaysia. Dream Cream is literally the best lotion ever! It absorbs into my skin so fast & the greasy feeling just goes away after an hour or two. I usually smear it all over my arms and legs before bedtime. The next morning, my skin will feel so soft and smooth! When will Lush land on Malaysian soil?! Their products are so good! 

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