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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Andy Heart //

Chris-Sonnia // ChrissieTheCreator

Tamira Jarrel // LipstickWithSomeSunshine

I also came across a few Malaysian bloggers that I thought I should share with you guys. I would insert their pictures together with their links but I don't know if they're okay with that. Anyway...

1. Heeda Syafiqa // BeautyWithSyaf
2. Syairah // MakeupBySyairah
3. Izza-Atirah //
4. Azhary //
5. Dania // ThatDania
6. Ruzana F. // HeyItsZana

My next post will be about my current makeup favourites! Be on the lookout for that one! :)

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  1. So honoured to be on the list ! Thank you xx

  2. You should go and watch faafirds on youtube. A msian vlogger and blogger as well

  3. you should check out! i love her photos <3

    1. omg i do keep up with her blog!! I FREAKING LOVE HER PHOTOS!!!