Tips For Turning Your House Into A Home

Friday, August 11, 2017

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1. Find Your Aesthetic.

Personally, I LOVE monochromatic spaces with pops of colours. I like my space to be as bright as possible, which is why I love having white walls. I also love the look of industrial- and Scandinavian-themed spaces. It looks so chic, timeless and elegant.

If you don't know what you're into, I'd suggest you go on Pinterest! I can spend hours on that site looking for inspiration. I have tons of pins saved to my board! Flip through your favourite home magazines! If you're not working with a blank space, look at your existing furniture for inspiration. I'm sure you're bound to find something you like. You don't necessarily have to have a theme. Just go with whatever you think looks good.

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2.  Play With Textures, Colours and Shapes.

The reason why I love white spaces is because you can experiment with just about any texture, colours or shapes. I feel like I'd have sooo many options to go with if I were to decorate my own place! I really like adding geometric shapes into my space. It's a simple and effortless way to jazz up your home.

Besides that, you could play around with different textures like velvet, faux fur, woodgrain and lace! There are so many options out there that you're bound to fall in love with!

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3. Showcasing Your Sentimental Items.

Of course, it wouldn't be a home if you don't have your sentimental pieces on display right? If you've got a cool baseball card collection or a poster collection, displaying them around the house is another way you could personalize the space.

Personally, I love displaying photos of my loved ones throughout the house! I have always loved the idea of having a table or a wall dedicated to framed pictures! However, if you've got limited space to work with, opt for Aura's opt for Aura's digital photo frames! Not only will it help you to save space, it is also chic and elegant; perfect for enhancing your home!

I think having your sentimental items on display is a great conversation starter for when you have guests over! Plus, it's just another way to inject your personality into your home!

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4. Get Crafty

One of the best ways to transform a house into a home is through DIY projects! If you're crafty, then this is a perfect way to personalize your space. You can create your own lampshades, pillowcases, update your bedhead and so many more! If you're really good at drawing, you could do a mural in one of the rooms in your home! Not only is this a great money-saving tip, it is also a wonderful way to get your kids involved too, as it allows them to customize their own space.

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