March Haul

Friday, March 28, 2014

(Apologies for the not-so-perfect appearance of my blog. Still trying to figure out the template)

Hello! So I've come up with an idea to post a haul every month. Original right? HAHAH nope not at all. I've always loved hauls. Any time when my favourite YouTubers of mine uploads a haul, I would stop what I'm doing and watch their video. I love love love hauls! So here's my first of many hauls to come.

I did a "decent" amount of shopping this month and I am not proud of the amount of money I spent. Just an early warning; this post might probably be picture heavy!

I made two orders on Luxola this month. I got the Sigma f80 (AMAZING BRUSH) & Olay Regenerist Megasonic Specialist Cleanser. I had a 15% off coupon code for this as it was my first purchase. About two weeks after that, Luxola had a pop-up sale going on, 25% off on selected items. Of course being the shopaholic that I am, I had to take advantage of the sale. This time, I got a Sleek blush,  Zoeva blush and a wing liner brush by the brand as well. Guess how much I paid? 60 bucks after discount. How cheap is that for all three items?! I basically got one of the blush for free! Not only that, Luxola also gave free Mario Badescu samples for every purchase during the sale! I just love this site. I so hope one day they will carry more vegan makeup brushes!

left - Sleek blush in Rose Gold
top and middle - zoeva blush in rush rush & 317 wing liner brush
bottom - sigma f80 brush

I went to Genting Highlands this month. My parents had a business function going on and my dad decided to bring us along. While they were off to their business thing, my brother and I wandered around the mall and we saw a Nike Factory Store. Of course, we just had to pop in and see what's up. I saw these and just fell in love. I got such a good deal for them too - from RM409 to only RM230! How amazing is that? I've always wanted these but couldn't justify myself to spend over 400 bucks on a pair of shoes. 

I got the Maybelline Falsies mascara too and it is wonderful! I wouldn't say it is a holy grail status just yet but it could be.

My last and favourite purchase of the month? My MacBook (which I'm currently using to blog right now ;))
I am in love with this. My SPM gift from my parents! I definitely wouldn't ask for a laptop if I was still in high school. But since I'm starting college in like a week, why not right? It would be handy to have a laptop to do slideshows and college-y stuff.

I guess that's all for this month! I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I'll be posting on my favourite bloggers/youtubers. I will! I just am... a tad bit lazy. But I will!

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