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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Before I start, why don't you guys check out my friends' vlog of their short getaway? :)

Also, my best friend just created a new blog! I would appreciate it if you guys check out her page! -->> Addina Kharmizi 

I have come to the point where I'm becoming very lazy to update my blog but I like writing, sharing my interests and all that jazz. So hiii! How you doing? ;) My week has been really fun! I had a couple of tests, English and Business Management, and a Math quiz last week. We got back our results this week. Much to my surprise, I did quite well despite the fact I barely studied for my Management paper! In fact, I hung out with my friends at Bangi the night before that paper! So yeah, I was pleasantly surprised at how well I did. Meh, it's probably just beginner's luck. I don't think I will score such high marks for my next test.

I've been thinking about doing the Get To Know Me tag or a post in general about myself, for awhile now. (Not being conceited here). I haven't done anything like it before. Plus, I don't have a proper "About Me" section on my blog ever since I revamped this old thing. I feel like the people who come across my blog don't really know who I am, my likes and dislikes and what not. So why not "introduce" myself through a blog post right?

So, the Get To Know Me tag is something I found on YouTube. It's basically a bunch of questions about yourself. Very self-explanatory. PS: some of these questions are also from different tags.

 - Nik Nadiya Farisha but most of my KK friends call me Yaya. I am pretty sure my college friends are the only people who call me Nadiya. 

When were you born?
- 30/07/96

How tall are you? 
- 147-ish cm. I get teased about my height all the time but hey, short people are cute ;)

Braces? Piercings? Tattoos? 
- No braces, ears are pierced, no tattoos.

Any musical talents?
- I was in my school's choir team for 2 years... if that means anything. I also play the guitar.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
- HAHAH ask this question to anyone who knows me really well, they would definitely say I wanted to be a commercial jet pilot. I LOVE airplanes and airports. I wouldn't mind being stranded at an airport like the one in Dubai or Changi Airport. It's so beautiful!

Least / most favorite subject in school? 
- Hated Add Math with a passion. Loved Math, English and Biology.

Do you speak any other languages?
- I used to learn Mandarin back in kindergarten and when I was still at Sri KL. Does that count...?

Do you have any pets?
- 3 cute kitties! I used to have 4 but that one died back in January. Had that one since I was 4 or 5 years old. Still a little heartbroken, to be honest.

Have you been out of the country before? If so, where?
- Do I really have the patience to think of all the places I've been to? Nope. But I can tell you that my favourites are Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia and Paris! I would do anything to go back to those places! Adrenaline junkies out there, New Zealand is flippin' amazing! You have to go there before you die! Trust me, you have to!

Favorite movies? Favorite TV shows? 
- I don't have all-time favourites but I never get bored of watching She's All That, She's The Man, The Women and A Walk to Remember. 
As for TV shows, EASY!!! Teen (FREAKIN') Wolf! The best show of all time! Teen Wolf has the hottest cast alive! Gossip Girl, Revenge and Pretty Little Liars are really good too!

Mac or PC?
- Mac. Once you go Mac, you'll never go back! :p

Facebook or Twitter? 
- Uhm.. Twitter, I guess?

Star Wars or Star Trek?
- I've watched a few movies from both of the franchise but I've never been a fan of sci-fi type movies so... But, Star Wars is pretty awesome! 

What kind of phone do you have? 
- iPhone4
What are you currently thinking about? 
- How to ace my Microeconomics test tomorrow lol

 Do you want to have kids?
- Well, duuuh. 

What is your favorite thing to do?
- I can hear Mian saying "stalk people" HAHAH. I like a lot of things. I like riding, running, experimenting with clothes and makeup. 
It's kinda funny how I am obsessed with makeup but I've never actually wore a full face of it to class. It requires so much time and effort to put makeup on! So high maintenance. No. Just no. I also have a decent collection of bold lip colours but I've never wore them to class! Too afraid of what my classmates would think of me if one day, I decided to put on a super bold purple colour on my lips lol. Hi classmates, if you ever bump into me wearing an almost black lipstick, please don't think I'm a freak ok hahaha.

If you could go back in time and change one thing about your life, what would it be? 
- Omg, easiest question ever. If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to not stop gymnastics! I took up gymnastics when I was 7 and for only 2 years. I only took it because it was kinda compulsory in Sri KL. When I started schooling in Kota Kemuning, I missed gymnastics so much but I was hesitant on continuing the sport. But man, I regret quitting gymnastics. I would probably be more flexible than I already am today, if I didn't quit. Sigh.

List down 3 or more random facts about you.. NOW
1. I hate milk. I only have it with cereal
2. I love raw oysters and salmon!
3. I don't really like stuffed animals...

Are you happy with your life right now?
- Yes. Happy and grateful.

PS: Look out for a haul post coming soon! xo

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