Things I've Learned in College... thus far.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

1. Making friends takes time - This, for me was a rather interesting "task". I can't say I clicked with anyone instantly on the first day. It took me awhile to start talking because I've always been the shy, quiet type. I've learned that it's fine if you can't seem to click with anyone in your class. Join a club or a society! I did! I signed up for dodgeball though I only attended once hahaha. Still.. I made new friends and I did enjoyed playing the sport.

2. Keep track of your spendings - Being broke during the semester was nothing new for me. Queen of shopping right here! From overpriced meals to movies and stationery and pretty clothes, of course I kept going broke. I've gotta learn to control myself when I'm at the mall or I'll be hungry as ever during my lunch breaks!

3. A jacket/sweater always comes in handy - Trust me on this. I don't know how many times I've shivered my butt off in class.

4. Get out of your comfort zone - Now, that's a given. Being the quiet and reserved person that I am, I wasn't thrilled of the idea of talking in front of everyone during presentations. I think the only time I was comfortable talking to the class was when my teammates and I had to talk about New Zealand during English. Maybe it's because I knew what I was talking about since I've gone to NZ before? Or maybe it's because I love English? Who knows. But when I had to present my Management slides, that was the most nerve-wracking experience of my life (I am so dramatic). I don't think I'll ever be comfortable talking infront of an audience :(

5. Homework - I've noticed that my lecturers don't really care whether their students have completed their work or not. They don't seem to bother checking on their students, which is somewhat of a good thing for me because I'm lazy as heck. But of course, just because I'm lazy doesn't mean I don't know what my lecturers talk about in class. I do my own studying at home okay!

6. You'll lose your "BFF" - Believe me when I say that this is the most accurate thing on Earth. Once you're in college, you'll realise that the only reason why you're close with your "best friends" or friends in general was because you see them in school everyday. I still talk to at least three of my closest friends from school and I'm grateful to still have them in my life. Short story shorter, don't be surprised if you and your friends drift apart.

And that's that! I know I have a little over 3 years of college to go, so I still have a ton of things I've yet to learn or experience. But that's what I know so far. 

So my three weeks off is coming to an end. The second semester starts this Monday, which I'm not looking forward to at all! My schedule is so packed compared to the previous semester. Plus, I'll be studying Accounting this semester and from what I've heard, it isn't a fun subject. I'm sooo not looking forward to classes. On a more lighter note, I did quite well for my finals. I know I could've done better but I'm really, really glad with my results!

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