Sunday, May 31, 2015

And once again, I've succeeded at neglecting my blog. I am really, really sorry! I just don't have any ideas on what to write about lately. Not only that, I haven't been feeling comfortable and confident about blogging lately. I constantly have this fear of being judged, people telling me I'm not good enough or that my content is boring and pointless. Hence, the absence.

Guess what? I'm no longer studying at INTI. I transferred else where because I just wasn't completely happy with what INTI had to offer in terms of the experience. Now, this isn't me talking bad about IICS; they have great programs. I met great people but honestly, that place wasn't my first choice. But it was the most affordable and I didn't wanna burden my parents any further. So go figure. And I'm not the only one who decided to transfer elsewhere. I bumped into a classmate at Sunway Uni a few days ago! Also, can we take a moment and appreciate the new Sunway Uni building? It is huge! My degree commences a few days after Hari Raya. So excited!

Speaking of Hari Raya, I can't wait for Raya shopping. I've been wanting to get Topshop's jeans for way too long now! If you haven't already, please do try their jeans. It's amazing!

I've been going through my soundcloud a lot over the past few weeks. I found so many great songs that I thought I could share with you.

Oh, my next post will be on books! 'Til then!

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