A New Chapter

Friday, August 07, 2015

So my degree program commenced 2 weeks ago and I have been worn out since. I'm still trying to adapt to the new place and the timetable. I have a love-hate relationship with my timetable - mostly love though. My Tuesdays begin from 8am to 8pm! I don't have classes on Friday and that's always a good thing in my book. Gotta love the long weekends!! (Except today though because I have a replacement lecture this evening sigh)

I have said this countless of times on my social media, to my friends and family but I am SO happy I transferred to this new place. It's much more lively compared to what I was used to. I feel like there's always something going on on campus. I've gotten lost around campus many times too!

There was this thing called Orientation Bash that was held at Outbac Broga last weekend. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I made more friends, tried new things, got out of my comfort zone. I did just about everything at the place. I went on the Flying Fox - which was terrifying at first - did some wall climbing. The wall climbing bit was my absolute favourite. I've always wanted to try rock climbing but never had the money and people to do with. I think it's safe to say I did pretty well for my first time.

We also had this thing called The Amazing Race where we had to find clues and make Milo à la boy/girl scouts. We had to build a fire and make our drink with a tin and tap water. They made us drink it but I didn't because 1. I'm very particular about my Milo. Only a few mamak places makes it the way I like it. If it tastes bad, I'll probably throw up. 2. There were weird creatures in the tin!!!
The obstacles we had to go through to get our supplies for making the Milo were so exciting. We crawled in mud, swung on ropes across more mud, which I enjoyed so much! We also had to go in this body of water which I wasn't a fan of because I am terrified of being in water. My feet got stuck at the bottom of the pond every time I tried to walk. Oceans, ponds, lakes, seas, us humans don't belong in them. We belong on land hahah.

We ended our night with a BBQ dinner and a campfire. We had to grill our own meal and my chicken was barely cooked... But the fried rice was so good! The campfire was a great way to end the night. Everyone's performances were amazing! I highly recommend coming to this place with a bunch of your friends. I've had tons of fun!

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