Krabi 2016

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Hi!! Remember when I said I was going away in the new year? Yup, so I went to Krabi, Thailand for 4 days. I had the best time ever. My favourite thing about the getaway was the Phi Phi Island tour we did. We went to Bamboo Island, where the water was ridiculously beautiful. It was crystal clear!! Then my dad and I went snorkeling. We also went to Maya Bay, which was such a stunning sight to behold!! But... although the water was super teal, it wasn't as clear as Bamboo Island. The island excursion was definitely my favourite bit of my trip!! I would so do it again!

I don't think I'll be posting any pictures from Krabi because that would be a bit redundant considering the fact that I've put up a video. BUT these are the things I want you to know

  2. I have a love-hate relationship with my hotel because it was in the jungle = wildlife = cicak. I flippin hate cicak.
  3. Phi Phi Island is AMAZING
  4. Mango sticky rice is so good. The mango literally melts in your mouth.
  5. I had coconut water everyday. I love coconuts.
  6. I saw a fake Celine luggage bag made of high quality leather that cost RM1000 but I only had RM100..... 
  7. I wanna go back to Thailand.
  8. I just want to travel the globe la seriously. I wanna go to Japan. I wanna go to Korea. New York. Stockholm. Iceland. EVERYWHERE.

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