How I Spent My Break

Monday, February 29, 2016

Remember last year when I did a post on how much I wanted to get a job so that I could finally buy things with my own money and not be a pain in the ass to my parents? Yup, I got a job as a server/barista at a place called Gula Cakery. I sucked at making coffee at first. Trust me, I'm sure my co-workers would agree on that. It took me ages to master the 'art' of steaming milk... And latte art of course. That was tough. But a good experience nonetheless. Made friends with the funniest, most entertaining people there! Also, Gula makes some of the best cakes and pastries I've ever had! Their Choux pastry and Mango Cheese Tart are some of my favourites! I also love their Nasi Kerabu (THE BEST), Chicken Pesto Sandwich and the Seafood Aglio Olio! So so good!! You can look them up on Instagram. I'm not just saying this because I'm biased because I worked there but their cakes are aesthetically pleasing and so yummy!

Here's a look at my very lame latte art. I still can't make a simple heart shape :(
So glad I got the chance to do something productive during my break. And being able to buy things with my own money is the best thing ever!!! I finally got my hands on the Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette that I've been eyeing for so long. So in love with the palette. It's stunning! 

2 things:
1. I attempted to dye my hair today. Bought a super dark brown colour that looks almost black. Bet y'all don't even see the point of me buying an almost black hair dye right?? I was scared ok. Afraid I wouldn't like it if I buy a brighter colour... So I dyed it that dark brown colour and guess what? It didn't show up that much pun on my hair hahahaha. Fail gila!!! I shall try again with a different colour in a few weeks.

2. The new semester commenced today and I had an 8am class earlier. I am so tired omg. It's only the first day. How to get through the rest of the sem? :(

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