About Me

(I go by Nadiya or Yaya)
A 21-year-old Malaysian who's currently studying Media & Communications, Film and Marketing at Monash University, Melbourne. A massive makeup junkie, crazy cat lady and sushi fanatic. When I'm not drowning in assignments and readings, I'm either bingewatching TV shows (currently obsessed with Riverdale), catching up on my favourite YouTubers or spending time with friends and family.

Welcome to my space where I share just about anything to the entire world! From my favourite beauty products to photo diaries, to random thoughts I have about my day/life. I also upload videos on my YouTube channel every now and then. I really like documenting my travels! Click here if you'd like to drop by my channel!

I hope you enjoyed my blog as I do like writing it! Feel free to leave any (positive) comments!

+ niknadiya@hotmail.com