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Monday, April 21, 2014

Hello! I did a post on my favourite fashion bloggers a couple of weeks ago and I said I'll be doing a post on my favourite beauty bloggers soon. So here you go! The caption of every picture will lead you to their page! :)

Michelle Phan
If you don't know her, you're living under a rock. dude?!
Pixiwoo (Sam & Nic Chapman)
Again, if you don't know these ladies, where in the world are you living at?!
Chloe Morello
Need I say more? She's stunning even without any makeup on!
I love love love her first impression review videos! They're the best! She also does daily vlogs (ItsJudysLife) as well, which I am addicted to! I've been watching her vlogs even before her first daughter was born. She just had her twin girls last month :)



Lauren Curtis

Nicole Guerriero

There are a couple more people whom I can't find pictures of but here are their links:

I apologise for the lack of content and "excitement" of this post. College is so tiring. Fun but tiring. I HAVE A TEST IN LIKE 2 WEEKS AND I AM SCARED. Anyway, I still haven't "expanded my social circle" but I hope to soon. I really can't lie when I say there are (is) people (a person) whom I want to be friends with. Ok if you can't read between the lines... I may or may not find someone very, very attractive and I am dying to know this person but well... Yaya is known for having almost zero socialising skills so... I can't even believe I'm publishing this but I'm pretty sure no one from my college reads my blog anyway. So I'm safe :p

Have a great week ahead! x

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