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Saturday, April 05, 2014

Hello! I'm finally writing about my favourite bloggers. I said I will post this up a couple of months ago but meh, too lazy. I will probably split this into a two-part post because I don't think I can write about both fashion & beauty bloggers in one post. There are just so many people to mention! Ok, enough with the intro.

I'm just gonna "describe" them in the most basic way possible because ain't nobody got time for long descriptions. The captions under every picture has a link which will lead you to their page btw. Some of these people make makeup tutorials too but I prefer their fashion videos more than their makeup/beauty ones. Hence, why they are mentioned in this post. Oh and these people are listed in no particular order!

Also known as "inthefrow" on YouTube! Apparently, she is a lecturer! How cool is that? To have a lecturer this stylish?!

Jenn Im (clothesencounters)
She is absolutely amazing! She has such an amazing fashion sense! So daring!

Stephanie Villa (soothingsista)
Friends with Jenn. I absolutely love these two. Their makeup and sense of style are flawless!

Sammi (beautycrush.co.uk)
In love with her (and her boyfriend hehe). She also makes beauty videos on her youtube channel too!

Lexi (http://www.fashionfilth.com)
SHE IS BY FAR THE MOST FABULOUS PERSON IN THE WORLD. I love her makeup looks. Always so simple yet so chic. And her fashion sense is to die for. So is her husband ;)

Aimee Song
Check out her blog. Enough said.


Julia & Maya
I just discovered their channel about a month ago and man, I am in love with them!

Evelina Barry (Evelinicutza on Youtube)

Oh and not forgetting the ever-so-flawless Olivia Palermo! She's so so so perfect! Check out her blog! She is undoubtedly beautiful.
Okay, I am certain I am forgetting a few more bloggers who are worth mentioning but these ladies I mentioned are the ones I love the most! Every time Jenn, Stephanie, Sammi or Shirley uploads a new video, I would literally drop whatever I'm doing just to watch their videos! 

I also have a "My Favourite Blogs" list on the left side of my page. Do check them out! :) I will be posting my "Favourite Beauty Bloggers/Gurus" soon! 'Til then!

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