Shoe Obsession

Saturday, June 21, 2014

I'm kinda going through that "I-Want-It-All" phase where I basically want everything insight. I've been wanting a pair of pointed toe heels for the longest time, specifically the Christian Louboutin Pigalle ;) I think the pointed toe heels are a must-have! They're so timeless and they can really spruce up any outfit. I really want a pair but then again, when in the world am I going to rock 4-inch heels? It's not like I go to fancy events often. Plus, I've never been the girl who wears heels out to a mall that often. I love my Converse way too much. Nonetheless, still want it!

Zara is having a sale and uhm, yeah, can you hear my heart breaking? I'm broke, what's new? Anyway, the heels I've been eyeing for so long are on sale and since my birthday is next month, does anybody want to spoil me? Hahaha

i've been waiting for these to go on sale for so long!!

Clearly, I desperately need a job to feed my shopping addiction. Sigh. They're all so pretty! At least, they are to me. I can hear Jwen saying "ew no" hahaha

Yes, I'm still addicted to Arctic Monkeys. 505 and Fluorescent Adolescent are my new favourites!

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