August Faves

Saturday, September 06, 2014

1. Beauty Favourites: 

I started filling in my brows last month. Sometimes they come out fabulous, sometimes they look like crap. It's usually the latter. But hey, I am a beginner at the whole eyebrow thing. The brow game is still a work in progress!! Anyway, The Body Shop's eye definer pencil was my go-to product for my brows. I usually outline the shape with the pencil & brush & blend everything in with the Zoeva 317 Wing Liner brush. Sometimes, I'd use the RT Detailer brush (which I just realised isn't properly shown in the picture, sorry!) to conceal the rough edges of my brows.

Because I have 4 foundation brushes and I've only used my Sigma one, I thought why not switch to something new. Hence, the RT Buffing brush (most right). I don't wear a full pump of foundation everyday. I usually take the tiniest bit of my foundation just to blend with my under eye concealer using the brush. It makes blending so easy! In love!

I got the Stila Stay All Day liquid liner last month because YouTube made me do it! That should be a hashtag. Anyway, it's so amazing! It really does stay on all day! Plus, it's super black! A bit pricey but so worth it! Also, I discovered a cool trick to make your eyeliner look sharper; dab some pressed powder over the lids. It worked for me! I didn't really like the Maybelline powder (don't know the full name, sorry!) for all over the face because it just doesn't look good on my dry patches but for the eyelids, so so nice!

2. Entertainment 

I only have one show to mention this time.
Arrow: I actually had no idea Arrow was based on the DC Comics character, Green Arrow. I chose to watch this series only because I came across so many snapshots from the show on my Tumblr...(and because Colton Haynes is part of the cast). The first season was quite corny, with the whole "You have failed this city" every time Oliver/Arrow catches the bad guy. But the second season, I loved! I may have binge-watched the two seasons. So not sorry for it! I can't wait for season 3! And apparently, there'll be a crossover episode between Arrow & The Flash and I'm so stoked! Also, rumor has it that Austin Butler will be in the next season! More reasons to watch it then! ;)

Okay, so music. One man and one man only; James Arthur. He is amazing! I absolutely loved Smoke Clouds, New Tattoo and Certain Things! He's like a cross between Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith, to me at least. Check him out! So so good!

3. Blogs
In terms of the blogging world, you best believe I'll have new blogs to share every month! Ask anyone what I do on a daily basis and they'll say all I do is sit in my bed reading blogs or watching YouTube videos. I know, seems like a waste of time to some of you but not to me. Blogging is a wonderful creative outlet & I love reading them.

This is funny but I was so glad I found this blog because I am obsessed with oatmeal. It's the only thing I eat for breakfast. I have tried a few of the recipes on the site & they all came out great! I think the Salted Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip Baked Oatmeal is my favourite!

Lizzy Hadfield -

Her sense of style is to die for!

Last but not least, Kristina Bazan's blog! I found her when I was scrolling through Instagram. I love her style. So effortless & classy. And can we just talk about how beautiful her Celine Tie bag is?!


And on that note, that's all I have for last month's favourites. I can't believe 2015 is only 4 months away! Anyway, hope you're having a good day! 'Til then.

I get my Real Techniques, Zoeva & Sigma brushes from here.

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