Uni life?!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I have about a month or so left 'til I'm done with my first semester at uni. I have never been more excited for a semester to be over! The last 2 months have been rather difficult because a) a friend of mine went off to another country for 2 years! Him leaving made me think back about the times I desperately wanted to study abroad and made me realise that I should appreciate everyone and cherish every little moment here instead of longing for a new life overseas. b) Group projects suck. I've concluded that I will never ever like the idea of group projects. That one group task that I was apart of was horrible! We did everything last minute, which is something I would never recommend. Pleaaaase manage your time wisely guys! I've learnt my lesson; I say this time and time again but I'd probably still procrastinate. But in all seriousness, especially when it comes to group projects, I don't think I'll ever procrastinate ever again.

So at my uni, subjects are called units. I'm currently doing 4 core units (Management, Accounting, Business Statistics and Microeconomics) and 1 General Studies unit (Ethnic Relations). It actually feels like I'm doing my Foundation again because whatever I'm learning in these 4 units I've studied back when I did my Foundation. I still hate Accounting though. I guess it's safe to say that I won't be majoring in Accounting. I'm still sticking with Marketing as one of my majors. Also, did I mention that I may have lost all my abilities to write a proper sentence in Malay?! So my Ethnic Relations unit is in Malay and at one point while I was doing the project, I thought the word expirasi is experience in Malay... until I Googled it. Apparently expirasi means exhale? Yeah, that happened.

One thing I was looking forward to is joining a bunch of clubs and societies. My uni has a rock climbing club!! I've been wanting to do that for the longest time, especially after the experience I had at Broga the other day! I haven't signed up for any clubs yet though. Maybe next semester? Knowing me, I'd probably join more sports-y clubs instead of academic/non-sports kinda thing.

I hope to finally earn my own money during the break. I know I've said it last time but never actually got a job. Things just didn't go as planned. I really do hope for things to be different this time. God knows how much I want to work. The older I get, the more uncomfortable I get asking for money from my parents ya know?

I have a bunch of things I want to do posts on once finals are over. Some of them being my makeup routine (thinking of doing a video on this instead of a regular blog post), go-to products and disappointing products! Might even share some recipes ;)
If you have anything you want me to write about, let me know!

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