5 Things: First Week Abroad

Saturday, August 06, 2016

Sydney, somewhere near Bondi Beach.

1. I miss Malaysian Food.
2. I miss my friends & my parents.
3. I don't like winter. Love layering but hate how early the sun sets. It's actually depressing.
4. I miss having Halal food everywhere. Clayton has quite a lot of Halal restaurants/butcher. It's so convenient but there's no places like Boat Noodle, Little Penang Cafe or the like. We have Papparich here though. There's one opening soon at my campus. Excited for that! They also have this Halal food joint on campus that sells fried chicken.... so I am happy bout that HAHA tapi harga bila you convert to Ringgit... $$$$$. I also miss Gula's Choux Pastry and Aglio Olio :(


My second week in Melbourne is almost over. I've got about 15-16 weeks left til summer break. I'm slowly adjusting/adapting to how everything works here. I love how polite everyone is. They're so warm and inviting, just like Melbourne itself. Still finding it hard to believe that I live here now. It feels like me fantasizing about living here was just yesterday. Fell in love with Melbourne two and a half years ago and look where I am now. I am so grateful to my parents, to God, to everyone.

This is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. Something so beyond my comfort zone. Like my best friend said, I'm always that one friend who likes to stay in on weekends and watch movies (i.e. likes having A LOT of me time) so moving to a different country IS going to be a struggle. I have cousins here so I don't exactly feel so alone. It really does help having family/people you know. As for cooking my own meals... Yeah, that's a work in progress. I can only make breakfast food - scrambled eggs, eggs in a basket, French toast. Malay/Malaysian dishes I hancur.

I have to say, emotionally, my second week went much better than my first. I guess it's mainly because I finally opened up to my parents about how I feel about this one thing that has been bothering me.

I've got a shit ton of essays to write, so many deadlines to meet. I can't wait for summer. I can't wait to go home to my cats. I'm working on my Sydney photos so it's gonna be awhile til I actually put up a Sydney Photo Diary.

Also, one of my tutors is really hot. 'Til then!
Update on my handsome tutor: I finally figured out who he reminds me of! My tutor reminds me of Dave Freakin Franco!!! DUDE I MEAN IT COULD BE JUST ME BUT HE LOOKS A BIT LIKE DAVE FRANCO.

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