On My Mind

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Here are 7 things that I have on my mind right now:

1. I miss my big comfy bed. I always find myself at the edge of my bed every time I adjust myself. It is so frustrating!!! I miss being able to roll around without worrying about falling off. I miss my big ass bed.

2. I have to stop shopping online. I refuseeee to calculate the damage I have done online since I got to Melbourne. It'll make me feel even worse about my lack of discipline.

3. Since we're on the topic of shopping, I just bought a pair of over the knee boots from Ego... for a concert... in 2017... HAHA. Hi parents, I may have bought tickets to Justin Bieber. I hope you guys won't kill me when I see you in a few weeks hehe love u

4. I'm so anxious about my finals. Surprisingly, I'm doing pretty well so far. My internals are looking great but I feel like this always happens. My internals for the past semesters were meh... good enough but my final exams kinda brought it down. Sooo I'm anxious but if my calculations are right, my internals are all Ds and HDs right now, which is definitely better than my previous semesters. My internals would always be a pass, a credit or at most, a distinction. So I'm currently feeling happy about my grades right now.
Also, if you're curious, I'm taking Consumer Behaviour, Media & Communication, Sociology and Social Behaviour this semester. I loveee everything except Social Behaviour because that unit involves a lot of theories.

5. I have been trying to upload my Sydney vlog for the past few days but the wi-fi at my place is so bad. One time, it said it'll take 36 hours to upload it. The next day, I went to uni to upload but still no luck. So I don't know when it'll be up.

6. I miss my cats

7. I am so bored of cooking the same thing every week. I miss my mom!!

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