Saturday, December 14, 2013

Hello! I deleted all of my previous posts, in case you were wondering. Starting afresh! :)
So many incredible things happened this year. I can't believe it's almost December. Time flew so fast, it's insane! I remember writing: 
"Oh my god it's my final year in high school. My senior year." 
But that was back in January! It seriously scares me that time flies so fast! The time I spent in high school will always be something i cherish. I loved this year! Despite how much I dislike my class, I still loved every bit of it. I love having Farah, Aizad and Iman around. I really can't imagine what this year would be like if they weren't my classmates. (Also, I love the fact that Aizad & Iman finally got together after months of being teased by farah & I and months of "hating" each other) 

I know it's not even the end of December yet. I still have a vacation to look forward to during the week of Christmasbut the most memorable event of the year? Meeting Marc Marquez. I still find it unbelievable. I mean, I do see him every year in person but he would always have his helmet on. This year, I thought it would be just another typical race, seeing the boys do their thing with their gears on, not being able to see their actual faces. But nope, it certainly turned out better than I expected. I ALMOST HAD A SELFIE WITH MARC OK. That's how incredible it was. I touched him. We have a connection. We're getting married soon. Hahah I wish! 

See! Told you I almost took a (proper) selfie with him! Look at those pretty eyes. The gorgeous smile! Love this man. And the fact that he's the youngest ever motogp world champion makes me love him even more. Definitely a legend in the making! So excited for next season. 

Now that I'm done with high school, I really don't know what's next for me. I've always wanted to be in aviation but I don't know? I guess your interests in things change. I mean, I still do love aviation but lately, I've been SO interested in fashion! Such a glamorous field, really. Obviously it's not as fabulous and easy as it looks on tv. Designers and everyone involved work their butts off behind the scenes. That's what made me like it though. People work SO SO hard on their designs and creations all for a 15-minute show. Crazy! Dedication right there. 

Ok really, I don't know what to do during the holidays. Besides the total obvious for me aka get in shape, I really haven't got a clue on what to do with my life. I definitely want to get my driver's license, that's for sure! But besides that, WHAT DO I EVEN DO WITH MY LIFE? 

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