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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Hello hello!!! Guess who's back from a week-long vacation in Melbourne!! This girl!! I landed at 530am and got home almost 2 hours later. Can't believe the vacation I looked forward to since May this year went by in a flash. It still frustrates me a little, how fast time flies. My teenage years went by in a blink of an eye! I'm turning 18 in 7 months! Crazy!

Anyway, I'm here to talk about my trip. I feel like some people would find me lame writing a whole post just about a trip but my holiday to Melbourne is so worth talking about! I had so much fun, despite the fact that my dad had to travel around with his crutches, everything went well. And the fact that it was my third time going to Australia, i thought it was going to be boring but nope, one wonderful trip! So let's start from the first day, shall we? 

20th Dec, 800pm -
We made our way to the airport, checked in and you know, all the typical traveling stuff. Boarded our flight at about 11pm. We got on the "priority boarding list" because well, dad...crutches. Mhm. I felt so important when we found out we can board the plane first LOL. 

21st Dec -
Landed in Melbourne at about 10am. It was a 7-hour flight and Melbourne was 3 hours ahead of KL. So, go figure! 
Once we were done settling in and unpacking our things at our apartment (Nova Stargate - lovely place ^^) we went to Queen Victoria Market! Came across a couple of street performers that were so good! They were quite attractive too ;)

I was just there for a couple of hours but I was already so in love with the city! It was so amazing! I get it now, why Melbourne is the "most livable city in the world". Yeah, I do dislike how unreasonably priced some (all, really) things were but the city was so lovely! I loved how friendly everyone was. Like when you enter a shop, their workers would ask you "how are you doing on this lovely day?" and also, after you pay for your things, they'd say things like "have a good day!" or "enjoy your goodies, love!". I feel like this "culture" of being friendly only exists everywhere but Malaysia. I have nothing against my own country, trust me. When I was in Europe, quite a lot of the people there would ask you how your day went and what not & when I was in Australia, literally about 98.9979% of them are friendly! 
Oh my god and everyone there had their own sense of style! It was so subjective. That was one of my most favourite things about Melbourne. There were girls with pink on the ends of their hair, with tattoos and tons of piercing, wearing just a plain white tank and shorts, which I personally think is cute. And then there were skater boys, oh god, my favourite! Scruffy hair, pretty eyes, charming smile and on skateboards! I know this is already a long post just by me talking about the people but seriously, i loved it! Besides skater boys, there were also well-dressed man with chiseled facial features. Oh my god yesterday, one tall, dark and handsome man walked past me and my jaw just dropped! I'm not even kidding! 
Ok enough about the people! 
First day was lovely. The food though, wow. It was kinda difficult to get Halal food but it wasn't impossible. We bought our dinner at this Bali/Indonesian place. Oh my god, my dinner on the first night there was SO amazing. It tasted so good. I want more of it!!

22nd Dec -
We made our way to Luna Park on the city's tram. This amusement park was one of the many things I was looking forward to because when Marc was in Melbourne 2 months ago for the race in Phillip Island, he took this picture: 

And of course, being the obsessive person that I am, I just had to take pictures similar to his, make a collage and upload it with the caption "I went on a date with Marc". Yup. 

As for the park itself, it was wonderful! It was drizzling for the first 2 hours I was there, which meant the Scenic Railway ride was out of order. My brother and I went on our first ride, Pirates Revenge! It's basically a water slide like the ones in Gold Coast or Disneyland even. I'm a little too lazy to write a detailed post on the rides at the park but one thing I'm not too lazy to tell you guys is that I've conquered one of the many rides that I think were scary! 

And yes, there is a person standing on the coaster. I think he controls the brakes? I don't really know. 
Later on that day, we walked down Esplanade Street (I think) and checked out the stalls. I got a few things for my friends which I will upload pictures of in a "Melbourne haul" post soon! 

23rd Dec -
Started the day early to make our way to Apollo Bay, which was an almost 6-hour drive. Technically, it takes a shorter time than that but we made a few stops here and there. One of the stops we made was at this beach. I think it's called Fairhaven Beach. It was SO COLD. The breeze was so cold! I couldn't feel my hands! Despite the super cold breeze, the water was nowhere as cold as the air. It was such a gorgeous beach too! 
Got to our hotel, The Comfort Inn and guys, our room had an Xbox! An old one but still..!!!! And it was two storeys! The downstairs area had a queen or maybe king sized bed, kitchen, bathroom and the usual. The upstairs area had a tv, 3 single beds and Xbox!! And it had brick walls! I love love love brick walls! 
After settling in, we walked around the town and at the beach. I loved how the sun sets at around 840pm! So lovely! 

I think that's all for this post. It's getting a little too long. I'll continue soon! :) xx 

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