New Year, New Me?

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's New Year's Eve!!! I bet 75% or more of us have the same new year's resolutions - to get fit. That was one of my resolutions for this year and clearly I failed LOL. Getting "fit" is hard work. Exercising is a walk in the park but eating clean? Nope, it's hard especially if you're a foodie like myself! The only thing I managed to change when it comes to my diet is I stopped drinking sodas and pre-made juices you get in stores and anything along those lines. I do still drink them but not as much as I used to. Yay for Yaya!

I made quite a few resolutions for this year and I'm happy to say that I ticked off at least 20% of them off my list. Hey, it's better to have something than nothing right? Here are some of my resolutions I managed to achieve this year *wink wink* - 

1. Be in the top 20 for cross country 
2. Avoid spending on unnecessary items from Forever 21
3. Meet Marc Marquez 
4. Save money to treat self after SPM
5. Join as many events possible on sports day

As of now, that's all I can remember. I'm proud of myself, even if my number 1 resolution was to get fit and I failed at it, I'm still proud of myself. 

My favourite moments this year? Oh I have loads of them. Having Farah, Iman and Aizad as my classmates in one heck of a boring class was one of them. I'm SO grateful to have them around or I would've been so miserable. Being in the top 20 for cross country was another favourite of mine. Hello, I was the 12th person to cross the finish line for my category. I, me, yaya used to be horrible at cross country. As the years go by, I found myself improving A LOT. Back when I was just 13, I was back in the 300's. The next year, I improved by getting number >180. Form 3, it was 84. Form 4, > 25. This year? 12th place. Yay for Yaya!!! 

I also had a good sports day this year! Although winning only a medal wasn't really what I had planned but at least I tried out for something right? I have always wanted to try running for school but I suck at it AND I was too shy. After that experience, I learnt that if you wanna do something or join a club or whatever you're good at but too shy to make a move, just do it. You've got nothing to lose anyway :)

I have many more wonderful things to talk about but really, all I want to talk about is meeting Marc. 11th October. A day I will never forget. I knew I was going to be walking at the pit lane, being only meters away from the bikes and their crews but I certainly did not expect to actually meet him. We managed to get to the pit lane walk spot in time. They only allow the first 1000 grandstand ticket holders for the walk. The thing was at 4pm and they only let us queue up at 230. It was kind of a "siapa cepat dia dapat" thing. I managed to lightly forced my brother to finish his food (he was eating and watching the free practice at that moment) so he could make his sister's wish come true hahaha. And he did. Right after he finished, we quickly made our way to where we were told to wait. To this very day, I'm still so thankful that I made it on time. And then while waiting, my dad decided to upload this - 

Yeah 2 hours later, it happened heheh. He was so good looking in person. He's nice and still managed to tolerate his fans pushing around and being total jerks to each other just to get his autograph. I still can't believe I almost got a selfie with him though. ALMOST :( 

I feel like this post is all over the place. It's only 8 in the morning, I just woke up. My brain is still asleep. Hence, the somewhat funny post today. 

I think I'm done. Have a good day! Happy new year!!! xx 

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