Melbourne II

Monday, December 30, 2013

Hello hello!! Where did I stop in my previous post? Right, Apollo Bay!

24th Dec -
Another early start because our plan for the day was to go to Twelve Apostles. If you don't know how it looks like, I suggest you Google it because it is SO beautiful! The perfect place to propose someone ;)
Before we reached our destination, we made some stops at the Great Wildlife Sanctuary or something like that, which is like a petting zoo! I fed wallabies and deers. It was so gooey but still, a fun experience! Then, we finally made it to the Twelve Apostles! Oh my god, it was so beautiful! 

I think we got there around 3 or maybe 4pm but we planned to catch the sunset there. So, we just drove to the nearest town aka Port Cambell, to kill time. My brother and I walked by the beach while my parents were chilling, on their phones, you know, being antisocial HAHA. Anyway, Kamal (brother) and I wandered around the beach and the creek we came across, which was so funny looking. There was one part of the creek where the water looked so gross but the rest of the area looked normal. Still, we had a good time! 

Yes, I was wearing a knit jumper on a Summer day! Hey, in my defense, it gets really chilly at night okay! The weather when I was there was all over the place. One day it gets super hot and dry and the next, it becomes chilly or sweater weather! But I'm not complaining! I loved it. Anyway, we went back to Twelve Apostles at 8pm just to catch the sunset, which was around 845pm? Having a dad who loves photography and IS (or was) a photographer, its normal for us to have him take "artistic" pictures of nature or whatever that appeals to him. 

25th Dec aka Christmas!!! 
Yet again, another early start! We checked out of our hotel in Apollo Bay and made our way to Phillip Island. Long drive, I know. But when you've been raised by parents who enjoy road trips, it'll eventually grow on you too. So, being in the car for long periods of time doesn't really bother me. After almost 6 hours, we finally made it to Phillip Island! First stop, some koala sanctuary which I personally think isn't worth the money. You do get to see the koalas though, but not as many as you'd expect. Next was of course the most exciting yet buzzkiller part of the day, Phillip Island Grand Prix circuit!! Also known as the race track where my main man aka Marc Marquez got disqualified because he broke one simple rule due to miscommunication with his team. He still won the world champion title in the end! My man right there!! But ok here's a picture we took at the entrance - 

I say this was a buzzkiller because the track was closed to the public because it was Christmas Day! On another note, I have high hopes of coming back here and watch Marc in action one day! :)
After the circuit, we went to watch the penguin parade by a beach. If you guys ever come down to Phillip Island, you MUST MUST MUST check it out! It is so worth the money! How it is is like you wait by the beach, sit on the sand or the benches they have and wait for the sun to set. Once it does, prepare yourself for cuteness overload! Penguins that look so tiny and miniature will swim up to the shore and waddle its way to its burrows prepared by the people who work there. I'm not explaining the exact "concept" but trust me, so worth it! 

26th Dec aka Boxing Day!!!!
Started our day at 8am, yes I got ready that early just to shop! I've been wanting to experience Boxing Day for the longest time and I'm so happy I did! The atmosphere and surrounding were chaotic! Everyone rushing around to find the biggest deals, how amazing the sales were and the things I got, I am in love! I spent quite a lot of money and I still feel guilty after doing so! Like I said in my previous post, I'll write a separate post on what I bought on Boxing Day, a haul basically! 

27th Dec -
T'was our last full day in Melbourne. We went to Harbourtown and Docklands. Harbourtown is so boring! I'm so glad I didn't do my Boxing Day shopping there! Yeah, the deals were great but the kind of stores there weren't appealing in any way! Later that day, we spent our last 3-4 hours in the city. Last minute shopping! 

Later at 8pm, we made our way to the airport which meant our holiday was over. So yeah, that's how my holiday went! Omg! On the plane back to Malaysia, I was walking from the lavatory to my seat during a turbulence and I almost fell on the cutest guy who apparently eats nasi lemak with butter! But he's adorable! The most attractive thing about him is the fact that he reads!! And he's Chinese but has an Aussie accent, adorable! 

So yeah, that's that. I'm currently going through post-holiday depression! I love Melbourne! I wanna go back :( 

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