Photo Diary #7

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

No idea if this is the 7th of the whole photo diary thing but hi! I went to KLCC with my friends today! I don't have a bunch of good photos though... I have a few good ones taken at the park but not a lot of decent ones taken indoors. I honestly have no idea how to work a camera HAHA. All I do is use the "Auto" setting. Oh well, I'll learn eventually.

what am i doing?¿

so cute. farah, this reminds me of you.
normal. completely normal. as normal as the way I was holding the camera hahah

ur squad goals lol
Also, yesterday I found out that I have another week 'til the next semester. I thought this is already the last week but I read the calendar wrong. So, so glad there's another week to catchup with my friends! Can't wait to see them soon!

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