Yaya Recommends #1

Monday, July 04, 2016

(Photos are not mine)

Ya know how I sometimes do non-beauty favourites? I think I might call it Yaya Recommends. That name is literally the first thing I could think of. I kinda like it. I guess this would consist of movies, TV shows (duh) & possibly restaurants? I'm just going with the flow here.

1. How To Be Single

I actually loved this movie! I thought the title was a tad bit corny but I thought it was really good. It has Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson and many others whom I have no idea what their names are. It's literally about how to be single. I'm trying to find a way here... to summarize what it's about without spoiling the movie but I find it rather difficult. I can say that I wanted Alice (Dakota Johnson) to be with Tom in the end. Does that help? LOL here's the trailer!

2. The Intern

I've been wanting to watch this ever since it came out. I loveeee Anne Hathaway! This was adorable to watch! This probably sounds gross but I thought it was gonna be about Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro's character falling for each other... I thought it was gonna be a 'light' movie but it has way more drama than I thought it would. I loved this! Pleaseee watch it! You can check out the trailer here if you'd like.

3. Mother's Day

This pleasantly surprised me because I thought it was gonna be as cheesy as Valentine's Day or New Year's Eve. I didn't like those. Thought it was all over the place! But this... this is so funny! I reaaally didn't expect to like this. It was so good! Trailer here.

4. Gilmore Girls

Jared Padalecki and Milo Ventimiglia ugh!!! So handsome!!

I started watching Gilmore Girls because a) I was in the mood to watch an old series - it was between this, The OC or One Tree Hill b) I knew my mum loved this show so I thought I'd give it a go! I am addicted!! I thought I liked Rory and Dean together until Jess came into the picture. Why do the jerks win the good girls??!! I feel bad for Dean but omg I am obsessed with Jess!! I am only at season 3, so yes... I have a lot more to watch. I have a feeling Jess and Rory won't last. They have that certain spark/chemistry between them. I freakin love it!!

5. Frank Sinatra's songs

I've been listening to a couple of his songs lately - The Way You Look Tonight and My Way. Click here and here to listen! Loveee the vibe it gives!

6. Soulwax's remix of Tame Impala's Let It Happen

This remix is SO long, it's actually ridiculous!! It has this groovy vibe to it; I can't help but to dance along when I listen to this song! Song here!

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