Life Update: New Music + What I've Been Up To

Thursday, April 20, 2017

So I'm currently on my Easter break aka my mid-sem break. Can you believe it?? We're halfway through the semester! This is starting to get bittersweet. I mean, I am excited for winter break (albeit I'm too broke to make any plans) but the end of the semester also means my time in Melbourne is slowly coming to an end. If this is how I feel right now, I can't imagine how I'd feel when I finish my degree. I know I've said this before and I'll say it again: Melbourne is the BEST thing that has ever happened to me. I will always, always be grateful to be here. I'm always grateful for having this opportunity. I swear, if any of you ever have the chance to experience studying abroad even if it's just for a semester, please do it. I promise you, it is the most amazing thing ever.

So I haven't been doing much this week. I did spend the night at the cutest Airbnb at Yarraville. I watched Fast 8 with my friends. I thought it was alright. Not gonna lie, it isn't the best thing I've seen. I thought some of the lines were a bit too cheesy. The comedic element of the movie felt so forced. Buuut I would still recommend you to check it out!

So I've been listening to Khalid so much lately. He is incredible. I'm pretty sure I saved his entire American Teen album on my Spotify. I loveeee Coaster, Location, American Teen, Therapy and Winter. Drake's Gyalchester and Passionfruit are pretty good too! Aaand I literally just found out bout Future's Mask Off yesterday. I think it is so so good!! I made a playlist if you wanna check it out:

Also, I bought tickets to another concert.... Guess whose hehe.  Floor seats guys!! I'm so excited. You'll have to wait til December to find out!!

Speaking of shows, I'm heading to a comedy show with some friends as part of their assignment this weekend. I've never been to one so I'm pretty excited. Aladdin The Musical is also playing right now up until October. You best believe I'm gonna check it out. I just... need a job first so that I could afford the $195 ticket HAHA. There are cheaper tickets but this is Disney, my childhood. Of course I wanna go all out and get the best seats! Hoping and praying I get a job soon. It's getting really demotivating to have no one call you back after submitting your applications.

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