Photo Diary: Burgers, Campus & Comedy Night

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Thought I'd do a mini photo diary today since I haven't done one in ages!

Been eyeing Royal Stacks since it first popped up on my Instagram explore page awhile ago. The only Halal outlet was at Brunswick, which is a pretty long way from where I live. I can't remember the burger I ordered but it was so small! I wanted to get one of those double patty ones but I was afraid that I couldn't finish it. When I got mine, I was kinda disappointed at the size considering how much I paid for it. BUT it was still good. Loveeed their beef bacon! 

Sarah & I decided to wander around the lake at our campus one day. We haven't been since last October? I loveee my campus. I love how its all buildings with somewhat futuristic architecture on one end and then a tiny park/lake with this cool canopy walk on the other. 
Second pic: "The camera doesn't focus on the fake" LMAO

This (above) was after Haf's basketball game. We were waiting for our train to head back to the city for lunch. I like how I looked in my picture hahahah

The pictures above are from the comedy night I attended. Sarah and her friends had to attend a comedy show and do a review on it for her assignment. I tagged along. We watched Daniel Sloss' show. It was pretty good! He has a somewhat dark sense of humour. I feel like if you get offended easily, this probably wouldn't be for you.

The show was held at Town Hall. I loved the colourful lights they had!

After the show, we went to Gami, a Korean food place. My housemate has been going on and on about this place and I finally had the chance to try it. I think the fried chicken was pretty good. We ordered the spicy and soy garlic flavours. The spicy was... bearable. It wasn't as hot as I was hoping it to be. Wasn't really a fan of the sides my friends ordered though. Definitely bringing my family here when they come to Melbourne for Raya!

Has anyone heard Justin's singing in Despacito? SOOO GOOOD

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