My First Eid Abroad

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Hello!! Selamat Hari Raya to those celebrating! We are in week 2 of the month of Eid. Crazy how time flies. My family came to visit a couple weeks ago for Eid. This was our first Eid away from home. I have to say, I do miss celebrating it back home with my friends & family. I miss the food, the open houses and of course, the duit raya! I only received duit raya from my parents this year but hey, can't complain. Some duit raya is better than none, am I right? Plus, I am turning 21 soon. So I may have to start thinking about giving out duit raya instead of actually receiving them soon!

My family's visit was pretty chill. We went to all the typical tourist spots – Hosier Lane, Brighton Bathing Boxes and St. Kilda. I showed them around my campus and we also explored around my cousin's uni, University of Melbourne. I thought of vlogging... I do have some clips but I can't seem to bring myself to edit them. So in the meantime, here are some photos instead:

My expression vs. my mom's in the reflection lmao

Part of my campus.

These photos are from a lake on campus. Love coming here to unwind. 

A perfect day would involve me lying on the grass in the background. Did that once with Sarah last year during a warm Spring day. 
smol azn
State Library in the background.


Had our Iga Bakar's at Blok M

Album dropping soon LOL

Album dropping soon part II

And that's how I spent my first week of Eid! Also, photos are shot and edited by my dad. So I can't take credit for them!

Selamat Hari Raya again to those celebrating! I hope everyone stuffed their faces with Lemang, Rendang & Ketupat! Wish I was home because it's apparently durian season right now... and I loveee durians!

I also turn 21 in two weeks! This will be my second birthday abroad, first without the family. No idea what I'm gonna do to ring in my 21st. Never been one to have big celebrations for my birthday. I do really, really wanna go hiking for my birthday though.

'Til next time!

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  1. All the photos are gorgeous!!!! Can I ask what camera was used to take them? :)

    1. Ah I wish I could take all the credit but my dad shot & edited these photos! But thank you! He used a Canon 5D mark II... or a mark III. I don't remember! Hope that helps!

  2. So lucky!! Would you mind telling me where do you mostly buy you black cute backpack? I kinda loveee it <3

    1. Hey! You mean the one in the pictures? It's from Herschel!