MotoGP // Photo Diary #6

Friday, October 24, 2014

So the Malaysian leg of MotoGP is this weekend. Free practice was earlier today and I went... because I'm not going to the race this Sunday and today's event was free entry. So, go figure! I'm so glad this leg of the season is during my break off of college or I would've never had the chance to see the riders this year. Fun fact: the last time I was here, my dad broke his leg.

I really dislike how the boys and myself aren't aligned properly for this shot :(

Smith & Marquez
6 satay sticks for 20 bucks... Why?!
Marc's autograph and Marc himself right next to my phone! ;)
Another fun fact: my face was in the papers on the day I got Marc's autograph last year! I still have that article in my "memory jar". I looked like a disco ball. I still get annoyed over the fact that I almost got a selfie with him. So close yet so far.

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