Photo Diary #4

Thursday, October 16, 2014

So a couple of weeks ago, the entire class was given RM50 and we had to figure out how to... Okay, who am I kidding? I wasn't really paying attention to what my lecturer was saying about this task. Whatever it was, we chose to make Halloween treats and sell them around college.

Mid-baking selfie!

Can you guess what these are supposed to be? ;)

 Some of the treats came out great. And then there's this... that came out really bad.

Before it went into the oven.

After baking
PS: they were supposed to be fingers. We tried, guys. We really did. But hey, it did taste good!! *insert laughing emoji*

Also, call me "jakun" but the fact that Jwen has her own mini dancing studio in her house is so cool!

I have one more day 'til I'm done with the first half of the second semester and I am SO excited for next week. Can't wait to get pretty shots from my little adventure with my friends! 'Til then!

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