Throwback: New Zealand

Friday, December 11, 2015

So my family and I went to the South Island of New Zealand when I was 13 and it was the best experience of my life. I loved it so much that I decided to do a throwback post on it and share some pictures from the holiday. I don't know how long this post will be. If it's too long, I'll split it into 2/3 parts. The pictures aren't the best quality, so bear with me.

Our mobile home for 2 weeks

I think this was somewhere in Christchurch

#siscuba lmao

Looking for gold

entahlah nak

A little briefing by Jeremy, our tour guide (red) before climbing up Fox Glacier. The only reason why I remembered Jeremy's name was because I had a crush on him the entire time we went hiking HAHAHAH he is so cute!

That blue block of ice is the glacier. We had to go through the forest for over an hour to get to the glacier itself. This was one of the highlights of the trip. Best experience ever.

Jeremy putting on the odd-looking shoes on my brother

The little ice tunnel thing we had to crawl through

The journey back down

My brother leading the way with Jeremy HAHAHA

Another highlight of my trip

If you look closely, that's where people bungy jump.

Another highlight! Luging at Skyline Queenstown

Random sheep things we saw at Skyline Queenstown

Another highlight: skiing!

look at the little boy in red! so adorable!
We went on a boat ride at Milford Sound

Saw dolphins

and seals

Guess what this place is called. Answer in the next picture!

Mirror Lakes! 
Those are just some of the pictures from my New Zealand getaway. We rented a camper van and drove around South Island. We started from Christchurch and our first destination was Kaikoura. We wanted to go on a whale watch at Kaikoura but the weather wasn't on our side that day! I wish I could list down all the towns we went to but I don't remember where exactly we went! Wish I could go back to New Zealand! Such a beautiful place! The rivers and lakes are so blue! It's one of the most breathtaking places I've ever been to!

If you do have the chance to visit NZ, especially the South Island, I highly recommend you to:

  2. Go whale watching at Kaikoura (I didn't get the chance to but I wish I did)\
  3. Ride the Shotover Jet at Queenstown. THIS IS A MUST. 
  4. Go bungy jumping
  5. Ride the Gondola and Luge at Skyline Queenstown 
  6. Climb the Fox Glacier/Franz Josef Glacier
  7. Go skiing/snowboarding at Coronet Peak
  8. Visit Puzzling World in Wanaka
  9. Go on a sightseeing cruise at Milford Sound
  10. This is odd but just stop by a random river and just look at the water... THE BLUEST WATER I'VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. I wished I could find pictures I took of that one particular river I saw. So stunning!!

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