5 Things That Make Me Happy

Saturday, December 05, 2015

1. My Family

I am blessed with the most supportive, most loving family. My parents support me in everything I do. Without them, I wouldn't be who I am today. I'm super grateful to have a very open-minded, supportive and wise man for a father and a superwoman for a mom. I also am related to this stubborn, weird human whom I call my brother HAHA. Ok but seriously, my brother is a little pain in the butt at times; we fight. A lot. But at the end of the day, we always make up. I am forever thankful for my family.


photo from 2008? 
Throughout the 19 years that I've lived, I've had 9 cats. The first cat I ever had was the one above. His name was Kirby and he's a pure Persian and the most manja little thing ever. I cried so much when he died last year. I still have 2 of 9 cats with me and I can't tell you enough how much joy they bring me. I love coming home to my little ones after a long day. It's such a great way to de-stress... though I do wish my orange cat behaved a little better. He pees everywhere! So annoying!! Fun fact: as much as I love my cats, I don't like having them in my room when I'm not around. They don't behave!  I love them regardless!! I can't imagine my life without cats! I wanna own a Scottish fold, British shorthair or a Ragdoll one day! They're the cutest!

3. MY FRIENDS (I went through all my photos and realised that I don't have any recent decent ones of my friends and I hahaha)

I will always be forever thankful for the friends I made in school regardless if we still talk or not. I will always be grateful for having people like Dina around. We've known each other since we're like 5?! We don't talk every second of the day but I always get excited when she's around. I still laugh every now and then when I think back of the time I finally saw her again after 4 years apart. She couldn't even recognize me!! I was 9 and transferred to the primary school in my area and we were coincidentally in the same class. I didn't even say hi to her first because... #shygirlprobz. But ya, she came up to me and was like "HI. I'm Dina. What's your name?" I pun macam "You don't remember me?!!! *insert sad face*" And she figured out who I was and we laughed HAHAH

Years later, I met Farah, Nina, Jill and Mian. Farah is literally the best, most psychotic person I've ever met. Love how she's sometimes so brave and outgoing. She makes people laugh so easily!! If you're not friends with her, you're missing out!!

It's so weird to think that that my first day of secondary school was 6 years ago. 6 years ago, I became friends with Nina, Jill and Mian. Now we're 19!!! And doing our thing at uni!!! Nina is doing pharmacy... I think. Definitely something along those lines lah. Jill is doing performing arts and Mian, graphic design! I feel like I haven't seen them in forever :(

4. Food

Need I say more? I like anything spicy. I like sambal belacan, budu, sambal tempoyak... oh god. Just talking about it makes my mouth water. I love Nasi Lemak but I'm very particular about it. The best Nasi Lemak I've ever had is hands down Dina's mom's Nasi Lemak. THE BEST!! Her sambal is made to perfection. She does go overboard with the spiciness but sedap weh!! Second best is my mom's Nasi Lemak hehe. Don't get me wrong; I love my mom's cooking but Aunty Lela's sambal is just so good!!

My mom makes the best Aglio Olio, bread pudding, fish head curry, lemon and herb chicken and everything really. Even something as simple as ayam masak kicap tastes so good. I like salmon too!! If you take me to a sushi joint, I'd always order a salmon sashimi. That and a Chuka Idako!


5. Traveling

KLIA 2009

I have such an affinity for traveling. I love being in airplanes. Trust me when I say I love airplanes. I've always been that kid that goes "MUMMY LOOK!!! AIRPLANE!!!" or "Omg aeroplane!!" No matter how old I am, I'd always do that when I see planes. I love flying so much.

I love being in a foreign place. I like learning about a totally different culture. I love trying new food. I love shopping for things I can't get back home. My favourite trip was when my family and I went to New Zealand in 2009. The best vacation ever! I'd recommend New Zealand to adrenaline junkies. The only thing I didn't do there was bungy jumping because I didn't have the guts to do so. Maybe I should do a throwback post on this trip and include pictures!! Omg ok I'll get on to that as soon as I post this!

Some places I would love to go to are Maldives, Hawaii, Krabi, NEW YORK, Sydney, Korea, Japan, Ireland and Sweden.

Also, 2 things I'd like to say:
1. I love how minimal and clean my new blog layout looks!
2. I'm so stoked for next weekend and the new year! I won't say where I'm going to hehe. SO EXCITED!!!! Can't wait to share the pictures!

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